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The Review: The Great American Mattress Sale – Big SANT

The Great American Mattress Sale (DJ Breakemoff, DJ Dub Floyd) Features: (Including) Big Pooh, Paul Wall, Delorean, Big K.R.I.T., Killa Kyleon, Scotty ATL, Phonte, Tito Lopez, Young P.O., King Mez Production: (Including) KREATEV,Big K.R.I.T., David Banner, Burn One, Cory Mo In case you hadn’t noticed, niggas from the South can, and do rap. You would […]

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The Review: Kanye West’s “Yeezus”

I don’t know where to begin. A month ago, it was said that Kanye had a private listening party, so basically, his album was finished. Really?! No single, video, nothing. You’re just going to put it out there on June 18th with no pre-order either?! WHAT!!!! Looks like he’s taking back to the essence to […]

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The Post: Snoop Lion – “Reincarnated” Album Review

I really don’t know where to begin. This really hurts my heart to do this to a legend. Snoop Dogg Lion just basically wasted his time (to the fans) for something like this. It’s one of those “I’m trying to be different.” or “I’m trying to prove that I’m different.” type things. This was something I wasn’t […]

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The Album Review: MGK – Lace Up

I remember hearing about dude through my (youngest) brother. From what I heard, I couldn’t vibe with him. Till this day, he’s hit & miss with me still. But I can say this, he might have broken the Bad Boy curse. He got signed maybe a year & a half ago. Tons of people (fake […]

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