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Artist Spotlight: J.I.D (@SlickSixJid) – Para Tu

Artist J.I.D really surprised me with his performance at Soul Milk in Atlanta, Georgia. I’m talking non-stop head nod for the entire performance! I definitely had to do my research to figure out who this artist is; he’s from Spillage Village Records an Atlanta independent record label. His first project, Para Tu, was just released […]

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Artist Watch: J Gray

This is a artist out of Greenville, SC/Atlanta, GA. His name is Gray and he has some new tracks out. He has been getting a lot of love lately and has plenty of artists trying to work with him. He is on a independent label which is 8th Wonder Records. Check out his new teaser […]

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Wiz Khalifa Day

Wiz Khalifa was honored for being an ambassador to his hometown of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. December 12, 2012 is offically Wiz Khalifa day in the city of Pittsburgh. I know this has to be a great feeling for Wiz because he reps the burgh everywhere that he goes.

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