Marcellus Juvann From VH1’s ‘Signed’ Drops ‘Carpe Noctem’ EP


For the past two months, VH1 had a new series called Signed that included Rick Ross, The-Dream & (Roc Nation’s) Lenny S. A good number of aspiring artists were in competition to get a deal with one of the 3 hosts. A shock to some, Ross ended up giving 4 deals, while Lenny S. gave a contestant that got eliminated at the beginning of the series an internship with Roc Nation & The-Dream signing a R&B songstress and a rapper who goes by the name of Marcellus Juvann.

I knew from the beginning that he would get signed. He was good from beginning to end and really didn’t have any hiccups along the way. When I caught his EP on SoundCloud after looking him up prior to his signing, I was impressed with the 5 tracks. My two favorites were “A Week Ago” & “Faith Ain’t Easy”. Give the EP a spin, I assure you that it won’t let you down.

Photo Credit: Marcellus Juvann / SoundCloud


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