Artist / Songwriter, Rain, let’s us know of the “The Hard Way”

What is the hard way? to many it’s a path not known, but to some it’s the only one ever known. The artist, Rain, based out of Atlanta, GA. makes it clear in his song entitled “The Hard Way,” that he has been through the fire and making it out on top. The song is from his debut album called Built Like Me, which is set to be released this fall. The song, with its original and trap soul sound, takes me back to the days where artist would talk more of the journey than the destination. And man does he have one to tell. From winning numerous talent shows in high school, to receiving his first break at the age of 17, performing his own record at Harlem’s legendary Apollo Theater. Feeling that music could lead to something bigger, Rain moved to Atlanta to join the urban music scene. His start there was rough, living homeless in the city, sleeping in cars, and staying with friends until he could get on his feet. Things changed once he met with a producer, CJ Williams, which led to his second break as a songwriter.


Rain’s writing credentials are said to have some big names from Chris Brown to Trey Songz, as well as Yelawolf. Although writing has done him good, the desire to be an artist is still burning within him. I’m sure with all the hardships he’s faced on his musical journey, using those experiences can only take him to the top!  So sit back and enjoy the Rain!

Photo Credit: SSS management / Twitter


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