“It’s all Good Baby, Baby” 23 years later



“And if you don’t know now you know.” Iconic lyrics and music like this came from the Big boy of Brooklyn, Christopher George Latore Wallace. On the twenty-third anniversary of the release of Ready to Die, we would like to reminisce on one of the most impactful bad boys. Born on May 21, 1972, it took him a little time to start getting into trouble with drugs and crime, but more importantly through his struggle he found a passion for music. Biggie signed to his first major label, Uptown Records in 1992, and Bad Boy in 1993, wasting no time climbing to the top. Biggie’s career was unfortunately cut short by fatal gunshot wounds. His legacy includes tracks with P.Diddy, Junior M.A.F.I.A., Lil Kim and even a former rival 2Pac, making attempts to squash the East Coast, West Coast tension previously heightened in their diss tracks. He left behind his wife, Faith Evans, and 2 kids.  Ready to Die featured tracks like “Juicy,” “Big Poppa,” and “Suicidal Thoughts.” So today we listen, learn, and allow him to live on through the great music he left us 23 years ago. Take a listen!

Photo Credit: @artbymellow, Notorious B.I.G.



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